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to Leduc and area since 1949

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Hive Consultations
Our veterinarians are available for hive consultations whether they are in person or over the phone. We can discuss your current protocols, concerns or risks your hives may be facing and help determine the best steps to take going forward to ensure maximum productivity and hive health. 

Site Visits
Our hive visits and health assessments are tailored to your individual hive. We will look at overall hive health and address any specific concerns you may have such as feeding concerns, mite infestations, winter kill, etc.

Disease Testing
Our clinic offers disease testing for specific diseases your hive may be concerned about. Please call our clinic for more information.

We offer prescriptions under a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship to allow for appropriate and timely treatments for your hive.

Please give us a call if you have any questions (780) 986-3269